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How do I avail of a Team Sales transaction?

Any team playing for a school, corporate, barangay, or professional league are qualified to avail of a Team Sales transaction.

Each team will be required to access the Team Sales Information Form for their request to be processed. Our team will contact you directly via mobile or email for the next steps in the transaction.

What are the requirements to avail of a Team Sales transaction?

A team requesting to avail of a Team Sales transaction must indicate in the form:

  1. 1. Name of the Team
  2. 2. Name of the League
  3. 3. Contact Person
  4. 4. Footwear model/s you want to avail
What products are eligible for Team Sales transactions?

Select footwear, apparel, and accessories are eligible for Team Sales transaction. Special releases and quick strike products are exempted from Team Sales transactions. You may contact our team at teamsales@titan22.com to check for available products.

For how long can I reserve my Team Sales order?

An order may be reserved for a seven (7) days upon consolidation. Unclaimed pairs after the seven (7) days after consolidation will be released.

Where can I pick-up my Team Sales order?

The team may choose from any of the Titan retail stores as a pick-up location.

What is the lead time for consolidation of reserved pairs for Team Sales?

Should you require a store pick-up, a minimum lead time of five (5) days from pick-up date is required for our team to consolidate your order.

What are the payment options for Team Sales?

Team Sales transactions may be paid via cash, credit card, debit card and GCash upon claiming at the Titan store.

For check payments / deposits, bank clearance will be required prior to confirmation of pick-up.

I have a question but I cannot find it on the list of FAQs above. What should I do?

For any additional concerns, please contact teamsales@titan22.com

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