Application maintenance that creates value

05/15/2019 - Venice

Application maintenance plays a key role in the information system management. This is because it determines one of the fundamental criteria by which the level of service quality is defined.

But what are the steps that lead to an application maintenance makes an actual difference?

  1. Understand what the goal is: define what you want to achieve in your organization and how to provide the service;
  2. evaluation: assess the business situation and identify the specificities for the most suitable type of Service Desk - virtual, local, etc. -;
  3. planning and implementation: drawing up an action plan for the design of the Service Desk and the implementation methods;
  4. achievement verification: the metrics agreed at the design stage are used as the basis for the subsequent interaction.

Based on our personal experience, that comes from 10 years of supporting the application maintenance of the best companies in the insurance sector, it is crucial to be able to trust 100% of the skills of the service provider and the management method.

Venicecom's goal is to provide a service that meets the needs of our customers. Precisely for this reason our consultants are ITIL certified and ticket resolution is carried out by adopting processes and guidelines of one of the most widespread Service Management FrameWorks in the world.

For example, for our insurance customer, all consultants have specific skills for the sector. They know the processes of activation and management of the various types of insurance coverage, they can also provide process consultancy to the Sales Network and to other users who need assistance.

The result is easily monitored through:

  • Critical success factors - CSF -
  • Key performance Indicator
  • Incident closure methods and related activities performed within it.

Another proof of the effectiveness of the service? The backlog. Through the work of our Service Desk it was possible to reach the important goal of constantly reducing the backlog until reaching, in 12 months, a decrease of 91%.

Are you looking for an application support service you can trust? Contact us at or at +390412525 811.

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