The greater the skills, the grater the outcome

04/24/2019 - Venice

When we talk about business, we also need the skills and experience of the people who deal with it and manage it, in addition to the actual technical data sheet of the services and products that are offered.

To make a metaphor, think of a Ferrari driven by a novice driver. Regardless of the power of the vehicle, the result would not be the same as a Formula 1 driver!

The same thing goes for companies. If the people who work there are willing to train and make their skills available, their growth will be directly proportional to the growth of the company.

This is why our IT Service Management employees are ITIL qualified individuals and possess other certifications on proprietary platforms such as BMC Remedy.

The ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructural Library - is the most widespread ITSM approach in the world and allows us to align IT services with the needs of different businesses. This is thanks to a series of publications that provide indications on the provision of quality IT services and on the processes and means necessary to support them by an organization.

For more than 20 years we have been active in the IT world, including the provision of IT Service Management services on some of the most famous platforms on the market and our colleagues are certified by BMC Remedy Developer and the title of BMC Certified Professional.

The skills that colleagues have acquired to best carry out their work are:

  • knowledge of BMC Remedy and its relationship with BMC applications;
  • creating custom objects using Developer Studio;
  • setting the object permissions.

The journey was challenging, and the result of their commitment had a more than positive impact on projects carried out for customers.

In short? Business growth does not only mean improving the product, but also improving those who work with the product every day to guarantee greater benefits to all customers.

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