The Italian Mint (IPZS) chose Venicecom e-procurement solution

05/22/2013 - Rome

The Italian Printing Institute and State Mint (IPZS) chose the procurement website eSource as a new platform for e -Procurement for the management of the Vendors and online tenders. Venicecom won the tender attended by the major players in the industry and will provide the services in ASP (Application Service Provider).

The various stages of the purchase process will be managed through the portal: supplier qualification, tender publication, offers evaluation and supplier provisional and final awarding. It is also planned the integration with the systems of: Supervisory Authority Public Contracts (AVCP), the Italian Official Gazette (GUI) and the European Union (OJEU), and with SAP for the transfer of data suppliers and contracting. Training and technical and operational assistance will be provided by the Help Desk Service.

This project aims to make IPZS tendering procedures and Vendor qualification faster, to facilitate the process of collecting and comparing spending data, to ensure transparency in the management of tenders, to optimize the management the negotiation process and to reduce costs.