PRO-Q in Var Group’s Microsoft Azure Cloud

03/16/2017 - Venice

VAR Group chose the platform PRO-Q as the technological solution for e-Procurement, which is going to be included in the solutions in its Microsoft Azure Cloud.

After scanning the market environment looking for a vertical partner for the management of company purchasing processesVAR Group selected Venicecom as its partner: actually, PRO-Q platform proved to be the best IT solution for a 360-degree management of corporate Purchasing.

Among the integrated software solutions designed to speed up the middle market business, PRO-Q will ease the control of certain processes, such as the Resource Development Administration (RDA) and Vendor, the Digital archiving, the Procurement portal management, and the Budget and Analytics section.

VAR Group, a company active in the IT innovation field for businesses for more than 40 years, thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft and KPMG consultancy, developed some solutions which will be available in software as a service mode (SaaS). These new solutions will be implemented and managed according to Microsoft Italian datacenter specifications and delivered by Azure Microsoft platforms.

Venicecom e-Procurement software, PRO-Q, and the other solutions selected by VAR Group in SaaS mode have as their main purposes:


·         The delivery of the department application solutions for ERP softwares

·         The management of IT systems’ and businesses systems’ processes

·         The management of regulations and the compliance with the policy and with the compliant


VAR Group new solution’s purpose is to ensure the best service to companies thanks to a hybrid team, in which the skills of the Group join the competencies of KPMG and their partners –including Venicecom- selected for the properly proven expertise and professionalism in the management of selected aspects of business. Moreover, the software distribution in SaaS mode will allow companies to use the most advanced technologies on the market at an affordable cost.