The results of the 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey

11/11/2013 - Venice

We asked our customers to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey to assess their degree of satisfaction about us and our services, and we thank all those who decided to take part.

To the question "Why did you chose Venicecom as a supplier?" More than 60 % indicated, as the primary motivations, Quality of product/Service and professionalism, and ,secondly, Skills and Availability divide equally the total.

No one claims to be dissatisfied with what has been provided to and the 80 % of the responses come from Clients who use our systems every day.

Availability and Technical Expertise of our resources receive the highest ratings, followed by the ability to understand and meet the needs.

At the end of the questionnaire we asked if "You would recommend Venicecom to other companies ? " The 83% of respondents would recommend us without a doubt and this , for us, is one of the best awards that our work can receive.