Training and safety: AVM plans them with Kalmo Skill Planner

10/12/2015 - Venice

The management of regulatory requirements and the related time limits in the safety training have become essential for all companies, especially in the transport sector.

For this reason AVM, a holding company that provides the public service of transport in the Venice area, wanted to adopt a software solution that would allow the Training Manager and his staff to plan, manage and control the training requirements for all the employees of the group.

The software has a timetable that allows the Training Manager to take a picture of the current state and plan and schedule the training courses, mandatory or not.

With Kalmo Skill Planner, the software suite for the management of security developed by Venicecom, the Training Manager is now able to:

  • plan automatically the training actions for the more than 3,000 employees
  • manage invitations and participations in courses, admissions, records and employees’ training CVs
  • monitor the training deadlines in order to program the following participations
  • have the framework of the training situation always up to date.

The module has been customized to meet the management needs of AVM and planned for the development of additional features.

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