VENICECOM & CBT: together to manage the e-procurement

09/23/2013 - Rome

Venicecom and CBT Group announced that they have signed a commercial agreement with the goal of bringing to market the application solution of e-procurement PRO-Q on cloud.

The partnership is part of the strategic objective of the CBT Group to open to qualified partners its cloud infrastructure making it available for value-added SOLUTIONS developed by Italian companies leaders in their sector. The aim is to promote the adoption by businesses of Solutions of high technological value, but also to give a great contribution in the logic of cost-saving to which all companies are now particularly sensitive.

Venicecom and CBT propose a solution in the cloud, thanks to the industrialized offer of EasyCloudSOLUTION ®, that CBT will provide through its data centers in Milan and Rome.

"We select business partners that have a truly unique solution, with high-potential, but, above all, we look for companies that have in the DNA the right technological and cultural innovation to introduce ourselves together by customers, in the only goal to encourage the saving process and management of the complexity of clients", said Flavio Radice, CEO of CBT Group.