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About us

Venicecom is an International IT Consulting and Services Group, founded in 1998 in Venice and present in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

It has extensive experience in developing customized software and in platforms and services fore-Procurement, Governance di Progetto and Health and Safety of employees in the workplace.

Venicecom supports large national and international companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (PMI), and public administration in the digital transformation process by creating solutions, synergies, and opportunities.


We are a ‘pocket-sized multinational,’ an entity that thinks big and acts locally, also contributing to the growth of our clients’ territories by opening local offices or better knowledge and skills exchange.

Designing, developing, and managing customized solutions for project governance, e-procurement, workplace safety, IT services management and support, and the digitalization of communications within the company and its ecosystem (employees, clients, partners, suppliers), always aiming for the satisfaction of our clients. This is the goal of our work and our true success.

We develop projects worldwide, committing ourselves to constantly improve our offerings in the field of Information Technology, keeping the organization, processes, and people at the forefront.


We operate internationally throughjoint ventures and local offices iwhere we have employed resident staff.

Our know-how, combined with theculture and professionalism of individuals working for the growth of the territory in which they live, has created a winning combination that has led us, over time, to achieve significant objectives.

Governance di progetto
Salute e la Sicurezza

Software Vendor

We develop software solutions for e-Procurement, Project Governance, and Workplace Safety.


We develop customized applications to improve and streamline every business.


We integrate best-of-breed software solutions from international partners, adapting them to different needs.

04Professional services
and consulting

e provide support and consulting for the streamlining and optimization of processes.

Pierluigi Aluisio

“A racing boat and its crew need clear reference points to navigate” – Pierluigi Aluisio, President of Venicecom Group

We are proud of who we are, of what we do, and of the goals we have achieved by navigating skillfully in ever-new, sometimes unknown and stormy seas.
Our racing boat has often faced enormous ocean liners, but relying only on our strength, we have never shied away from the challenge and have shown that we can handle the sea. We have succeeded by remaining faithful to the values of our Compass Rose, which have provided us with a strong and shared point of reference. It is these Values that give meaning to our efforts, our work, and our togetherness.

Every day, we strive to translate our values into tangible and concrete reality. That’s why we founded Venicecom Academy, a corporate continuous training program for our collaborators, providing them with stimulating opportunities for professional growth. We also encourage flexible working, promoting access to Smart Working options, and participate in projects that value female leadership, without ever losing sight of our primary goal: placing the needs, requirements, and potential of individuals at the center of all our activities.

Pierluigi Aluisio, Founder and President of Venicecom Group

Venicecom's Ethical Commitment to Ol Moran

With a firm resolve to pursue an ethical and sustainable path to global progress, since 2004 Venicecom has decided to support with commitment and continuity the Venetian Mission of Saint Mark of Ol Moran in Kenya, through the non-profit organization Infiniti Ponti.

From 2004 to 2014, we were engaged in supporting and financing the development of the small village of Mbombo in the Savannah through the implementation of various works (construction of the school for 250 children, rehabilitation of the wind-powered water pump, burying and connection of the aqueduct pipes, and construction of the masonry water tank).

From 2015 to the present, we have focused our efforts on building the Tumaini Academy vocational education hub that welcomes, trains and protects more than 400 boys and women in need from all the villages in the surrounding savannah (with classrooms, workshops, church, canteen and brick dormitories).

Specifically in 2023, we committed to accompanying the Ol Moran community toward increasing economic autonomy.

In fact, we have started with Eni Kenya to experiment with the cultivation of castor beans by small-scale farmers in the semi-arid savannah areas. Castor beans are used to produce a vegetable oil for Eni’s biorefineries in Italy, which once refined will be distributed at the pump as biofuel, contributing to the decarbonization of transportation. Shredded plant residues are an excellent soil conditioner for agricultural crops.

Truly an exemplary model of circular economy.


Our solutions

Strategy and Customer ApproachApproccio

01Closeness and synergy with clients

We shape our projects and solutions respecting the different territorial contexts, always paying the utmost attention to the expressed needs

02Comprehensive Specialized Offer

We specialize our proposals to always offer integrated and customized solutions

03High levels of specialization

We value the passion and expertise of our team, aware that they are the true engines of collective growth and protagonists of your transformation

04Flexibility and quick response

We develop flexible solutions quickly, ensuring tangible results from day one


We are committed to constantly improving our offerings in the field of Information Technology, keeping the organization, processes, and people at the forefront.