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Venicecom Software House

Come Independent Software Vendor abbiamo sviluppato e continuiamo ad evolvere software di nostra proprietà leader di mercato per l’e-Procurement, la Project Governance e la Salute e Sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro.

Sviluppiamo applicazioni custom personalizzate e integriamo soluzioni software best of breed di partner internazionali, adattandoli alle specifiche esigenze dei nostri clienti.

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Software to monitor the supply flows of finished products, semi-finished goods, and raw materials throughout the entire supply and processing chain.

Employee portal

Mobile application that speeds up and dematerializes all communications between the company and employees, including shift-related instructions.


E-learning portal for administering online courses, managing reports, statistics, progress checks, gamification projects, and interactive courses.

Booking management

Progettazione, sviluppo ed implementazione di sito web, tra i cui servizi è compreso il servizio di booking online, per compagnie aeree.

My Ship and My Train

Two applications designed for international shipping companies, specifically for customs operations and port handling of ships and trains.


App for managing corporate fleets with drivers, enabling companies to facilitate employee travel and avoid wasting time and money.