KronosApp is the only Project Governance software on the market that encompasses all the functions of contract governance in a complete and integrated manner.

KronosApp is the innovative software for planning, managing, and monitoring the entire portfolio of contracts in a single solution.

Thanks to its features of functional completeness, flexibility, and user-friendly simplicity, KronosApp contributes to ensuring: managerial transparency, certainty in project timelines and reporting, adherence to budgets, and quality control of work..

Developed by Venicecom to manage one of the largest international engineering projects in the Oil & Gas sector, KronosApp is the Project Governance software for planning, managing, and monitoring both public and private contracts. KronosApp is the comprehensive digital tool created to clearly assess the profitability of contracts and workforce productivity, callowing for the management of the entire project portfolio, from planning to the ongoing management of costs and timelines, from the active cycle to the passive cycle.



Main features
  • Contract portfolio and management control
  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Contract budgets and balance
  • Master Document Register
  • Active cycle: sales orders, active billing authorization
  • Passive cycle: purchase orders, passive billing authorization
  • Project resource management and workload


Key features

Immediate operation
Integration and software deployment in extremely short timeframes

Also available on-premise upon request

Easily integrable
Capability to integrate with major administrative, accounting, and HR systems

Highly customizable
Custom workflows, functionalities, dashboards, and reports