Cutting-edge technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a profound impact on many industries in recent years, and it is expected that its impact will further increase in the future. From finance to healthcare, AI is revolutionizing even traditional sectors.
Venicecom is working in partnership with Lyrise for the application of AI in Project Governance, specifically concerning risk management, both qualitative and quantitative, related to projects and programs. Additionally, it involves the generation of entire projects and the proper allocation of resources with the right skills, ensuring they are assigned to appropriate tasks, thus maximizing productivity. Finally, we are applying AI for predictive maintenance in the management of wind turbine facilities and gas distribution networks. With predictive maintenance, it's possible to extend the lifecycle of assets, reduce costs and complexity of repairs, better manage material stocks and spare parts, while complying with current regulations and conformity standards.


Building upon the experience gained in e-Procurement with our PRO-Q solution, we leverage secure and blockchain-certified systems to ensure both the verifiability of procedures and the immutability of documents. In the realm of digital transformation, we support this journey by providing systems based on parameters of immutability and traceability, thus encouraging sharing, collaboration, and interoperability.
In perfect accordance with what is outlined in Article 8-ter of the Simplification Decree, which represents the regulatory definition of Distributed Ledger Technology, we contribute to enhancing the Public Administration's role in the concept of transparent administration capable of offering highly competitive quality services.

Cloud Computing

Venicecom has long recognized the potential of Cloud computing, structuring itself to deliver its services in SAAS (Software as a Service) and Pay Per Use modes, thanks to the Microsoft Azure platform. This enables us to delegate hardware and infrastructural management to the provider and focus on the application side. Venicecom's cloud computing architecture encompasses several highly reliable services, including servers, databases, web applications, DNS, and storage linked together by a properly configured network structure to ensure the highest level of service and security. The geographic replication of systems and backup methods ensure extremely high reliability and very fast restoration times. Our strong expertise in cloud computing also allows us to operate on different platforms such as Aruba Cloud, AWS, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, choosing the best solution based on the client's needs and standards.