PRO-Q is the complete software solution for Companies, Public Administrations and Public Enterprises that allows to easily manage all processes inherent toe-Procurement.

PRO-Q selects the best national and international suppliers, defines and aggregates purchasing requirements, and digitizes the purchasing process, thus achieving a reduction in management time, accelerating delivery times and optimizing the entire process.

It also creates, notifies, evaluates and award tenders and executes and manages contracts.

PRO-Q is the comprehensive, modular solution developed by Venicecom for e-Procument available to public and private sector purchasing departments. The software is complemented by a portfolio of professional services that, in synergy, make it possible to manage purchasing processes quickly and efficiently. Thanks to PRO-Q it is finally possible to choose the best partners and bids, build advantageous relationships with suppliers and maximize resources

PRO-Q software, with its modular approach, allows you to choose the most appropriate functionality for each need. The platform is characterized by its ease of use and versatility and allows forquick and complete integration with other popular systems in the public and private markets.

PRO-Q is not only a software, it is also a group of experienced professionals, with diversified skills working at the service of the client, whether it is legal, functional or technological issues.

PRO-Q for Public Administration

Venicecom participates in working tables with AgID, ANAC and the Department for Digital Transformation for the constant updating of technical requirements and certification of e-procurement platforms, so as to offer PRO-Q customers pa product that is always up-to-date and compliant with current regulations.