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PRO-Q is the complete software solution for Companies, Public Administrations and Public Enterprises that allows to easily manage all processes inherent toe-Procurement.

PRO-Q selects the best national and international suppliers, defines and aggregates purchasing requirements, and digitizes the purchasing process, thus achieving a reduction in management time, accelerating delivery times and optimizing the entire process.

It also creates, notifies, evaluates and award tenders and executes and manages contracts.

PRO-Q is the comprehensive, modular solution developed by Venicecom for e-Procument available to public and private sector purchasing departments. The software is complemented by a portfolio of professional services that, in synergy, make it possible to manage purchasing processes quickly and efficiently. Thanks to PRO-Q it is finally possible to choose the best partners and bids, build advantageous relationships with suppliers and maximize resources

PRO-Q software, with its modular approach, allows you to choose the most appropriate functionality for each need. The platform is characterized by its ease of use and versatility and allows forquick and complete integration with other popular systems in the public and private markets.

PRO-Q is not only a software, it is also a group of experienced professionals, with diversified skills working at the service of the client, whether it is legal, functional or technological issues.

PRO-Q for Public Administration

Venicecom participates in working tables with AgID, ANAC and the Department for Digital Transformation for the constant updating of technical requirements and certification of e-procurement platforms, so as to offer PRO-Q customers pa product that is always up-to-date and compliant with current regulations.


KronosApp is the only Project Governance software on the market that encompasses all the functions of contract governance in a complete and integrated manner.

KronosApp is the innovative software for planning, managing, and monitoring the entire portfolio of contracts in a single solution.

Thanks to its features of functional completeness, flexibility, and user-friendly simplicity, KronosApp contributes to ensuring: managerial transparency, certainty in project timelines and reporting, adherence to budgets, and quality control of work..

Developed by Venicecom to manage one of the largest international engineering projects in the Oil & Gas sector, KronosApp is the Project Governance software for planning, managing, and monitoring both public and private contracts. KronosApp is the comprehensive digital tool created to clearly assess the profitability of contracts and workforce productivity, callowing for the management of the entire project portfolio, from planning to the ongoing management of costs and timelines, from the active cycle to the passive cycle.



Main features
  • Contract portfolio and management control
  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Contract budgets and balance
  • Master Document Register
  • Active cycle: sales orders, active billing authorization
  • Passive cycle: purchase orders, passive billing authorization
  • Project resource management and workload


Key features

Immediate operation
Integration and software deployment in extremely short timeframes

Also available on-premise upon request

Easily integrable
Capability to integrate with major administrative, accounting, and HR systems

Highly customizable
Custom workflows, functionalities, dashboards, and reports


Kalmo, safety first

The comprehensive IT solution that cuts risks and costs in health and safety management


Kalmo’s strengths

Kalmo was born out of the experience of multinational oil companies and has been used for more than 20 years by major companies in the chemical, multiutilities, energy, and transportation sectors, and has since been made available to companies of all sizes and industries.
Kalmo is the software suite for automated monitoring and management of all processes related to occupational health and safety, certifying and demonstrating to third parties what has been done, protecting the company, its managers, employees and collaborators.

A single integrated and comprehensive software, centered on the worker’s task, which dynamically updates when the task changes or when the
requirements of the single interference risk assessment document (DUVRI).
Kalmo is the best practice that makes it possible to nimbly manage workers’ safety, their education and training, mandatory less, their professional growth and, therefore, with the general improvement of health and safety conditions, to benefit from the reduction of INAIL premiums.


The modules of the Kalmo suite

Kalmo Personal Protective Equipment organizes the distribution of PPE through proper assignment by task, records deliveries and deadlines, protecting the company through process traceability, and improving the warehouse management and procurement system.

Kalmo Safety Training offers support in the management of compulsory education and continuous training of personnel, with greater effectiveness in controlling the training paths of each operator, complying with regulations and incentivizing the professional growth of the company’s workforce.

Kalmo Health Monitoring enables greater effectiveness and efficiency in the control and planning of the personnel health plan, for plannable and unplannable examinations, and the systematic archiving of certificates of fitness, in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Kalmo Professional Titles provides a complete and always up-to-date picture of the licenses, qualifications and certifications needed to carry out the company’s activities, ensuring the best use of u m a n resources based on professional titles and greater flexibility for the company.

Kalmo Work Permits allows you to constantly monitor safe access to company sites, especially those that are particularly at risk, where workers belonging to different functions or even companies operate, allows you to verify the risks related to the activity to be performed and then manage the issuance of permits.

Kalmo Telemedicine is a service that allows each employee to self-monitor his or her vital parameters with the highest degree of autonomy and confidentiality, and allows companies to know in a timely manner ” the suitability of employees to access workplaces that are particularly
at risk and without having to directly process sensitive data.

Kalmo Management Systems supports companies and organizations in the adoption of specific best practices and software technologies to ensure quality, health, safety at work, environmental sustainability, information security, gender equality and other management systems developed in accordance with international standards, up to obtaining any certifications that attest to them.


Services that can be associated with Kalmo

Kalmo is supported by professionals to better organize the business management system and to ensure maximum efficiency and usability of the solution, including through verticalizations.

Kalmo offers a technical support service to answer every question and have all the tools to make the best use of the product in all its functionalities.

IPR archive and warehouse movement can be interfaced with ERP systems (SAP or other management systems) for constant and accurate alignment of master records and inventories.

Customizable through interfaces, the application can exchange or integrate various types of data with other software systems used by the company.