CAV’s new Control Room: the project signed Venicecom

October 29, 2018

The new Control Room of Concessioni Autostradali Venete SpA bears Venicecom’s signature: needs guided the drafting of the project to create a tailor-made software.

Venicecom conducted an IT Assessment to gather specifications and optimize processes to increase business performance.

The company, which manages the Passante and a strategic network of highway sections in the context of European links, had expressed to us the need to upgrade and innovate the technological infrastructure of the “Control Room,” the center in charge of controlling the status of traffic, the highway network and intervention in case of a distress call, accident or other events.

Venicecom’s project managers then conducted a preliminary study to identify the management software best suited to meet:

  • The needs in terms of infrastructure;
  • the specific operational needs;
  • The limitations of the tools in use.

The aims of the project included the development and use of new technologically advanced tools aligned with user needs.

In fact, in its statistics, CAV records that in 90 percent of cases, requests for action are made from personal smartphones and not from designated highway SOS columns. This and other needs gave rise to the idea of a system that is integrated with social media, and allows the use of one’s cell phone to contact help.

The purpose of the study was to identify and find a satisfactory solution for the Client’s needs. In just 3 months, a technical-architectural solution was developed and proposed for the infrastructure understood as the set of software and IT tools intended for traffic control, verification of the state of the relevant network, and management of distress requests.

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