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These are the words with which we can accurately describe the journey undertaken with the Province of Rovigo in support of the Service Bidding Contracts S.U.A., a path that we wish to retrace step by step through the interview with Dr. Salandin.

A challenge for the Public Administration: the computerized administrative document as an effective tool for dialogue with citizens and businesses.

From our daily exchange of opinions and experiences with the most authoritative interlocutors of the Italian Public Administration, we have gained a clear awareness: the path towards digital transformation is increasingly underway and present in projects and initiatives, both at the central and local levels.

The EU Law’s amendments to the Public Contracts Code.

On Feb. 1, the regulatory changes to public contract regulations introduced by the 2019-2020 European Law (Law No. 238 of Dec. 23, 2021, on "Provisions for the fulfillment of obligations arising from Italy's membership in the European Union") came into force, mainly aimed at resolving the critical issues that emerged in the infringement procedure opened by the European Commission against Italy (No. 2018/2273).