KronosApp: Venicecom’s IT solution for planning, managing and monitoring orders

July 18, 2022
When the drive for technological innovation is blended with solid IT experience and professionally elevated know-how, the development of a software solution knows important milestones and winning achievements.


At a time in history when Italian engineering companies are being presented with ever-increasing challenges, both in terms of design complexity and the constant reduction of margins, Venicecom is responding by creating software that finally allows for complete management of orders in a simple and intuitive way.

KronosApp acquires its initial form from the evolution of STEP (System Technology Enterprise Management) developed by Venicecom Group for the Kazakhstan office of EniProgetti and its partner Tecninco as part of one of the world’s largest oil and gas projects.

In the context of this prestigious International Partnership, our team of experts has been able to capitalize on the best practices present within SIG, EniProgetti’s (Tecnomare) job order management software, further enhancing its existing functionality and successfully adapting it to the specific characteristics of the local project.

Designed to meet the needs of top management and project management, KronosApp enables control of the entire project portfolio in a single solution.

By streamlining processes and activities, all actors in the supply chain are thus able to make the entire cycle of planning, management and monitoring of orders more effective, while also being able to dialogue and interact in a fast and focused manner.




KronosApp provides the tools to make an assessment, both overall and in detail, of all the key elements in any project: costs, revenues, time, tasks and workloads.

In this way, management figures (CFO, CEO, Cost Controller) have a clear view of the real profitability of orders and the productivity of the team.

At the same time, project managers have concrete support in the day-to-day activities of their responsibility in the governance of the job order.

Specifically, KronosApp provides PM resources with uniformity of processes, ease of re-alignment of all activities when delays involve rapid re-planning, and simplification of the approval cycle, thus avoiding work stoppages.



Through an integrated service methodology of consulting and IT solutions, Venicecom stands as a reliable and flexible Partner, knowing that each product must be designed around the client’s unique problems and specific needs.

In a fast-growing European engineering market, especially medium-sized companies now find themselves in the urgent need to equip themselves with the appropriate digital tools to be able to deal with highly articulated orders, in terms of organizing processes, people and time and performance management.

Venicecom intends to become their “Personal Trainer” by guiding them step by step toward a Digital Transformation that goes through the development and integration of customized applications and tailor-made training to end users for the proper use of the platform.

KronosApp allows, in fact, extensive customization possibilities (features, workflows, dashboards and reports) as well as being easily integrated with the main ERP, administrative and accounting systems already present and known in the company.

Bringing to Italy the best practices acquired in the field of Project Governance at the international level, the Venicecom team aims to be a valuable ally and a specialized support that creates ongoing value in the challenges posed by the ‘current market.

Taking on the mission of spreading the culture of innovation, Venicecom’s answer is a comprehensive software for optimal Job Order Governance that, in a user-friendly mode, knows how to support the decisions of top management to achieve their strategic and business objectives.

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