Venicecom and Nites Group: a new Partnership of value and innovation

June 20, 2022
In this year 2022, which symbolically is the year of restart, Venicecom is joined by a new IT entity with an international scope: the NITES Group, specialists specifically in E-Health and Smart Grids


Solid professionalism and strong skills have always characterized Venicecom, which, over its long experience, has distinguished itself in the IT field for the development of top-notch projects in the Oil & Gas, eProcurement, Utilities, Healthcare

Bolstered also by numerous experiences gained abroad in more than twenty years of operation, what drives Venicecom is a consistently value-creating approach. Primarily technological and organizational, to which is added the profound human value, which takes further shape in relationships with important Partners.

In the picturesque setting of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, crowning an important meeting with the President of NITES, Miodrag Skrbic from Belgrade, the Strategic and Commercial Partnership was signed between Venicecom and the large international Nites group with strong bases spread across the Balkan area. According to the agreement between the two presidents Pierluigi Aluisio and Miodrag Skrbic, the two companies intend to develop a strong technical-commercial synergy apt for the distribution of each other’s digital solutions. This involves the integration of technical offerings and the strategy of deploying solutions in their respective countries of origin, nations of their respective influence and presence, and later in Africa.

Venicecom’s offerings in Italy, Europe, Asia, and Africa are enriched with innovative Digital Healthcare, SmartGrids, SmartCities, and Telecoms solutions from the Nites Group, which has more than 30 years of experience with large-scale projects in the IT sector. Confirming the shared aims with Venicecom are the words of founder Miodrag Skrbic himself.

“The goal [del Gruppo Nites] is to generate solutions that will add value in key areas of people’s lives by investing in our own development.” In parallel, Venicecom, through its Nites Group companies, will distribute its leading public and private eProcurement solutions in the countries of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia (, for the Governance of Major Engineering and Construction Projects ( and for Occupational Health and Safety (

Venicecom starts with the understanding that every customer has specific and different needs, so it offers an integrated consulting and IT solutions service, from requirements definition, to customization, to training and coaching of end users. From attentive listening to People, their needs and dreams, to its concrete translation into highly sophisticated and high-performance IT solutions.

Driven by this powerful motivation and intimately convinced that technology and innovation should constitute tools to serve our Clients, for us at Venicecom this partnership represents another key step in a continuous improvement process.

“A new partnership and friendship between People, Companies and Nations for a more digital, efficient and collaborative world,” declare the two Presidents Pierluigi Aluisio and Miodrag Skrbic. An active exchange of know-how between two realities, each well rooted in its territory and, at the same time, a human confrontation toward a common growth that crosses all borders.