Venicecom’s software solutions, PRO-Q and KronosApp, dedicated to project management in the PNRR

April 8, 2022
Aiming to support Public Administrations so that they conduct precise management of funds and can keep on schedule in the governance of large procurements and contracts, up to the achievement of NRP goals, Venicecom presents a proposal composed of digital tools integrated with consulting.


The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) and the National Plan for Complementary Investment (NCP) allocated €191.5Bn and €30.6Bn for the country’s revitalization. All public administrations that wish to take advantage of these funds will need to organize themselves to improve their ability to plan, manage and monitor projects, equipping themselves with resources and tools appropriate to the timeframe and objectives dictated by the NRP itself and the PNC.

Venicecom, therefore, decides to support PAs that need to approach these plans in the best possible way, presenting a concrete proposal that supports them from the beginning to the end of the process related to the publication and management of tenders.

The proposal aims to respond to a widespread need of CAP & PAL in what are crucial phases: fast and efficient contracting; timely and accurate governance and monitoring of project timelines and quality; and assurance in the safety of resources involved in project execution. The consultancy also supports PAs in solving problems related to managing contracts with suppliers and meeting work delivery deadlines.

One of the directions of the NRP is to modernize and digitize procurement. That’s why Venicecom proposes PRO-Q as the e-Procurement solution through which PAs can automate purchasing procedures, supplier list management and tender compilation, achieving a streamlining of business processes, thus ensuring PAs transparency of all operations¸ a key issue for procurement management with respect to NRP guidance.

PRO-Q also differs from other solutions because, the technology offering is complemented by the specialized support of procurement experts, who are available both in the introduction phases of the platform at the customer’s site and in the compilation of individual tenders. To best carry out NRRP-related activities, PAs need tools that enable constant monitoring on orders and suppliers. KronosApp was born with this purpose.

KronosApp, is the Project Portfolio Management software for managing, planning and controlling job orders. By using this solution, it is possible to achieve transparency and quick and certain time in the implementation of the projects followed. You also have the ability to catch any issues in advance that could slow down operations and jeopardize their closing time.

Venicecom believes that with the implementation of the integrated suite of PRO-Q and KronosApp, PAs will be adequately supported in monitoring their performance at the quantitative and qualitative levels. PAs will thus enhance their capacity to plan, manage and monitor projects, with resources and tools tailored to the timeframe and goals of the NRP, without risking having to return the funding obtained.

Venicecom, in its more than 20 years in Information Technology, has implemented tailor-made projects and developed proprietary products for national PAs and corporations, large international groups and foreign governments, through its two specially created joint ventures in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has gained peculiar experience mainly abroad in Assessment Advisory and process digitization of the largest international investment projects in oil & gas, government, nuclear, environmental, financial and manufacturing. Among the most relevant and developed projects for the oil consortia of ENI, SHELL, EXXON, SHEVRON, TOTAL, LUKOIL, GAZPROM, and KAZMUNAYGAS, the development of the PRO-Q e-Procurement platform for Kashagan (supergiant offshore oil field on the Caspian Sea – with $115 billion investment transacted on PRO-Q), the development of the KronosApp project governance platform for engineering, construction and major works for Karachaganak (giant gas field in the Kazakh-Siberian steppe), and the development of the Kalmo health, safety and environment suite for ENI Group for Wild.

Here is where Venicecom, strengthened by this experience, proposes an integrated offering of solutions and consulting designed to concretely support Public Administrations in following all the steps and objectives required by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Venicecom supports its clients in the process of digital transformation by creating relationships, synergies and opportunities. The know-how, combined with the culture and professionalism that distinguish the members of the different teams, create a winning match that has led, over time, to achieve great results.

Consulting and digital solutions complement each other in order to be able to introduce the methodological and software tools that are always aligned with regulatory adaptations, to accompany CAP& PAL resources in the process of executing and monitoring results.

Each Administration is different, so services need to be offered that are tailored to each one’s needs, from specific problem solving to ongoing assistance.

“We want to work with the enthusiasm and passion that distinguish us to help our country, at this very difficult time, to face the challenges of “recovery and resilience” thanks to appropriate digital tools. – declares Venicecom President Pierluigi Aluisio, and continues – The integration between PRO-Q and KronosApp responds to the specific needs of PAs, adapting services to needs of constant updating of the norm and compliance with strict timelines required by the NRP. It is unthinkable to offer solutions that have little integration and also do not meet the need for interoperability with other institutional systems already in use.”

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