From listening to needs to spreading best practices: the experience of the Province of Rovigo with PRO-Q

January 13, 2023
For us at Venicecom, a virtuous collaboration experience with our clients means merging mutual energies and expertise to achieve together, side by side, significant tangible results


These are the words with which we can accurately describe the journey undertaken with the Province of Rovigo in support of the Service Bidding Contracts S.U.A., a path that we wish to retrace step by step through the interview with Dr. Salandin.

Let’s start our conversation right away with a brief introduction of him.

“My name is Stefano Salandin and for over 25 years, I have been serving as an official at the Province of Rovigo, dealing with tenders, contracts, and procurements.”

A long career during which I have had the opportunity to follow all the stages of the evolution of regulations concerning public contracts and procurement, with all its pros and cons

We come to what was a crucial stage for all public contracting authorities in Italy, namely when in 2018 they faced a delicate issue: the obligation to use IT tools to conduct bidding processes.

That year marks a radical shift towards digitalization and the reason why the Province of Rovigo initiated the search for the e-Procurement platform most suitable for their work environment.

So, we ask Dr. Salandin, ‘What prompted you to choose PRO-Q?

The response arrives, bringing forth a simple yet equally impactful motivation.

“The PRO-Q product was selected primarily because, in terms of visual appearance, graphics, and navigation, it was the closest to the electronic market of the Public Administration managed by CONSIP.”

Creating a digital solution with interfaces and workflows closely resembling what was already familiar to both public administration operators and businesses certainly made the transition from paper-based tenders, with envelopes and seals, to the new system of substantially dematerialized tenders much more reassuring.


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As our conversation progresses, it becomes clear that at an operational level, PRO-Q has effectively met all the needs of the Province of Rovigo

What was explicitly requested was that the ‘bidding system be as comprehensive as possible’:

  • simple
  • articulated in clear and defined steps
  • strict towards the Economic Operator

To clarify this concept further, Dr. Salandin explains that the use of this adjective actually has a strongly positive connotation.

It is, in fact, the kind of rigidity that manifests in linear and inflexible procedures to ‘prevent the user from making mistakes, just as it happened in traditional paper-based procedures.

Finally, a digitized management of tenders that, from a practical standpoint, revolves around 3 fundamental axes:

  • Precision
  • Security
  • Speed

A gain, therefore, that translates into an overall efficiency which, when delving further into the specific functionalities of PRO-Q, is further emphasized.

Dr. Salandin, speaking about what made a concrete difference in your daily activities, could you illustrate some of the strengths of the platform?

Firstly, the ability to model the process, then immediately after, the part related to Messaging should be mentioned.

Now it’s finally possible to interact with companies without necessarily using the Certified Email (PEC), as PRO-Q, by tracking every single movement within the platform, ensures the level of security required by the Digital Administration Code.

Furthermore, he adds two more cases for which PRO-Q stands out, allowing for the management of everything in an automated manner, benefiting both the Contracting Authorities and Economic Operators.

“Compared to other platforms available in the market, it is worth highlighting both the ease of managing access to documents and the possibility of preparing tenders with unit prices on the portal

Two rather ‘hot’ topics that we often delve into, and especially the first one is of particular relevance, given the new methods of Access to Documents expected in the new Procurement Code, if they are confirmed upon its entry into force.




Dr. Salandin, mentioning the operationality within the offices of the Public Administration, also reminds us of the importance of integrating with the digital tools and platforms already in place.

“By using the PRO-Q platform, one of the advantages was the ability to integrate its Messaging Module with our Entity Protocol system… integrating the 2 web applications, PRO-Q and jEnte, we now have a system that pre-packages, extracting it from the PRO-Q message, the protocol registration with the sending of the Certified Email (PEC), and the automatic generation of the letter in PDF from predefined templates.”

An enormous time-saving addition coupled with the minimization of potential errors because, as the two platforms can communicate, there is no longer a need to manually draft an email, convert it into a PDF, and send it with the protocol…”

Hearing him describe many of the operational flows of e-Procurement in detail, we are aware that Dr. Salandin’s years of experience make him our perfect interlocutor, enabling us to thoroughly understand the real needs of the sector.

In fact, delving into their work reality has allowed us to adapt PRO-Q, creating an effective tool tailored to their needs:

From the beginning, Venicecom positioned itself not merely as a supplier but rather as a partner, an entity with which the client interfaces – to which it gives and from which it receives… This approach allowed us to personalize, modify, and improve certain aspects of the platform in an almost bespoke manner, with the results and advantages that we have witnessed.”

With the Province of Rovigo, a virtuous interaction was initiated, becoming the foundation for the creation of a significant advantage.

“In our opinion, Venicecom could act, despite being a private entity, as a mediator for the dissemination of best practices among Public Entities… by exporting to other entities what has been done by us because we have primarily applied a lot of common sense, as well as respect for regulations and technical specifications.”

We conclude, finally, the interview with Dr. Salandin’s insightful reflection: ‘Digital culture also involves the dissemination of best practices.’

Valuable words that represent a fundamental principle on which we have always based important relationships and collaborations to carry out Digital Transformation projects that are of tangible benefit for both public and private entities, starting from the ability to listen and extending to the sharing of value