25 times Venicecom

September 22, 2023
We are celebrating, in 2023, the first 25 years of Venicecom Group: an important milestone, a testament to the many challenges and achievements reached from 1998 to today.


On September 9th of last year, the company celebrated the anniversary with employees from all the Italian branches, friends, and collaborators, with a big party aboard the Jolly Roger galleon. Guided by our President Pierluigi Aluisio, we retraced our history and the multiple experiences around the world, and illustrated the new development projects, sailing within the splendid lagoon of Venice.

Sharing an excerpt from the evening to involve and thank all those, even those not present, who have contributed to the growth of Venicecom, to the achievement of past objectives, and to those who will accompany us in the upcoming challenges

Enjoy the show!