Consortium of Municipalities for the Aqueduct of Monferrato relies on PRO-Q

April 21, 2021

At the end of the process of evaluating various software solutions, the Consortium’s choice fell on PRO-Q, the only solution proven to fully meet their needs. Specifically, the Consortium decided to rely on the Modules:

  • Supplier Register, alongside the modules Comunications and Dynamic Questionnaires, which allow for complete management of the supplier base, registering and qualifying them and in addition enabling the evaluation of their requirements, keeping constantly updated and archived information about them and the commodity categories they handle, and alerting the buyer in case of expiration of certificates.
  • Telematic Tenders, which allows complete management of the procurement process, enabling the Contracting Authority to choose which suppliers to invite and update the progress of each negotiation.
  • Verifications Art. 80 which makes it possible to significantly streamline the time for verification and qualification of suppliers as early as the registration stage.

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