Covid: Venicecom, FederFarma Veneto and Ass. Open Gate China join forces to fight the pandemic.

January 13, 2021

Venicecom, a Venetian multinational IT company, presented today in Mestre, at the Due Delfini d’Oro Pharmacy, the agreement signed with FederFarma Veneto along with the Open Gate China Association for the distribution of Covid-19 nasal swabs that will soon be made available to all FederFarma member pharmacies along with a range of ancillary products and services.

The initiative is intended to be a virtuous example by those involved to create synergy in the fight against the pandemic, giving a concrete and timely response in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding deliberated by the Veneto Region for the execution of rapid antigenic tests in pharmacies to monitor the epidemic (DGR 1864 of 29/12/2020).

FederFarma Veneto President Andrea Bellon, Venicecom President Pierluigi Aluisio and Open Gate China President Marco Toson spoke at the meeting open to the press.

Venicecom has been active in the occupational safety and health market for more than 15 years with its proprietary KALMO suite, dedicated to personal protective equipment management, health surveillance and safety training.

In the face of the health emergency brought about by the spread of Covid-19, the Venetian company led by Pierluigi Aluisio has set up services KALMO Smart Monitoring for monitoring biomedical parameters and behaviors of workers and KALMO Health Monitoring, Telemedicine service that allows medical personnel to remotely monitor patients’ vital parameters.
Thanks also to the collaboration with Open Gate China, an association that promotes relations between Italy and China and represents Chinese manufacturers, Venicecom will commit to offering Federfarma Veneto members its KALMO-branded products and Services, supporting member pharmacies in the implementation of the regional agreement on rapid tests, through the supply of complete kits including, in addition to rapid antigenic tests, gazebos and personal protective equipment for pharmacists such as suits, masks and visors. In addition, in the face of positive incidents, pharmacies will be able to provide additional remote support to quarantined patients through the innovative Kalmo Health Monitoring Home Telemedicine Service, checking their health conditions and activating any actions for their protection