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September 4, 2019

Italy is in the TOP 10 most attractive destinations for young digital experts from around the world. But what is the sketch of these professionals, and what drives them to seek new job opportunities beyond national borders?

Boston Consulting Group’s Decoding Digital Talent research shows that digital professionals are among the workers most likely to change work contexts. The sample surveyed was 26,806 experts from 180 countries, with expertise spanning a variety of fields, including data mining, programming and web development, digital marketing, mobile application development, digital design, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Professionals asked to comment on mobility and work said they were willing to move abroad to enrich their professional background (67 percent), and preferred those destinations that could guarantee good training opportunities and also an excellent work-life balance. The sample’s favorite destinations include the United States (40 percent), Germany (31 percent), Canada (27 percent), Australia (24 percent), the United Kingdom (24 percent), Switzerland (15 percent), France (15 percent), Spain (12 percent), Japan (11 percent), and Italy (10 percent). In the ranking of most desirable cities are London (24 percent), New York (19 percent) and Berlin (18 percent), while Rome is in 28th position.

The sample tended to prefer moving to countries geographically close to their home countries, or at least similar in spoken language and cultural background. The cultural aspect is the same, resulting in some cases in a high propensity to relocate (in India and Brazil it is as high as 75 percent), and in others in a lower-than-average propensity to move (e.g., in China only 38 percent).

In Venicecom Group, the search for talent is constant and also leads us to take advantage of collaborations with some foreign universities, such as the Technical University of Moldova, in Chişinău, where in 2018 we organized a real meeting with students, to meet in person the best young talents in ICT.

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