PRO-Q platform modules: here are our solutions to meet your needs

October 13, 2021

The PRO-Q platform stands out in the landscape of e-Procurement software tools because of a number of features that make it unique and able to respond to users’ needs in a particularly effective way, guaranteeing concrete savings in time – and therefore money – and better management of their tenders. PRO-Q, in fact, is:

  • Highly customizable
  • Seamlessly integrated with software and programs already used by the customer
  • Enhanced by a specialized consulting service always available to the client
  • Integrated with additional services, such as the supplier verification service as per Article 80
  • Always up-to-date and capable of ensuring compliance with legal obligations at all times

The modules of the PRO-Q platform: customization and efficiency

PRO-Q is able to effectively meet the needs of the contracting stations because it is a tool designed to be flexible and customizable. In fact, the platform consists of a series of modules dedicated to different functionalities, which can be purchased and activated individually. Each contracting station can decide which modules to choose and integrate them with the management systems it already uses, customizing the software in a ‘tailored’ manner.

Here is how the PRO-Q suite is organized and what modules are available to private clients and Public Administrations.

  • Suppliers Register Module”: This module enables users to easily manage their Suppliers Register, ensuring they have an updated tool at all times. The benefits associated with using this module are numerous: all supplier verification procedures are simplified, Public Entities can more easily comply with the legal obligation that requires adherence to the principle of rotation in assignments, private companies can easily monitor all their suppliers and implement a vendor rating system, to be used as a reference parameter for subsequent purchases.
  • Telematic Procedures Module”: This central module in the platform’s organization allows users to complete all types of tender procedures, managing the various phases of the process automatically, from creation to conclusion, in a simple and efficient manner.
  • Planning Module”: This module enables the definition and monitoring of the schedule for purchases to be made in the medium to long term, simplifying the development of plans and spending analyses. Thanks to the software, it’s possible to easily plan future purchases, inserting them into an interactive and dynamic calendar that automatically calculates, based on previous purchase intervals, the most appropriate dates for reordering certain products or tools. The repurchase dates suggested by the system can be confirmed or manually adjusted at any time, ensuring maximum flexibility and complete control over the various purchasing procedures for the client. Furthermore, warehouse management becomes more efficient, as proper purchase planning helps to avoid both the risk of accumulating large quantities of stored materials and the danger of running out of essential supplies, even during peak workload periods.
  • Business Intelligence Module”: This module allows for the extraction of data collected during the portal’s usage to conduct various types of analysis. These operations support and enhance the decision-making process and also allow for the adoption of effective corrective actions aimed at improving performance, thanks to the user’s interactive access to the data.
  • Needs Module”: The “needs” module assists companies and organizations in managing their supplies rationally by digitally collecting and centralizing purchase requests from various offices or different company branches. Centralized procurement management allows for obtaining more competitive prices from suppliers, improving the efficiency of the purchasing process, and avoiding waste and delays in the completion of various procedures. Moreover, using a single platform allows assigning the correct priority level to different purchase requests, enabling the company to rationally control its expenses.
  • Supplier Checks pursuant to Article 80 Module”: This module has been specifically developed to meet the needs of Public Administrations and Entities that, before concluding contracts, must carry out legal checks on their suppliers to ensure they do not fall into any of the exclusion categories provided by the Public Procurement Code. These checks take a long time and are extremely complex because the necessary certifications are provided by a variety of different entities (Criminal Record Office, National Anti-Mafia Database, Revenue Agency, ANAC’s electronic registry, INPS, and INAIL) that need to be contacted individually. The documentation provided by them, which remains valid for a period of 6 months, must then be archived to be presented in case of disputes or inspections. The ‘Supplier Checks pursuant to Article 80’ module of PRO-Q frees Entities from the need to manually handle all these procedures, ensuring they operate in full compliance with the current regulations.

If you’re looking for an e-Procurement platform capable of adapting to your needs and helping to make your purchasing processes more efficient, PRO-Q by Venicecom is the tool for you.

Contact us and tell us about your needs: our experts will illustrate all the potential of the platform and study the most suitable solution for you!

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