The new SOS Swabs in Business service is born.

March 5, 2021

The number of Covid-19 cases in Italy is continuously increasing, as is the gradual tightening of measures by the state and regions to try to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible, but not only that. An additional challenge is the new variants identified in England first, and then in South Africa and Brazil-a true pandemic within a pandemic.

The pillars of the fight against this treacherous and dreadful virus always remain hygiene rules, mask wearing, social distancing, strict enforcement of protection plans, but above all, rapid identification and timely isolation of infected individuals, especially if they are asymptomatic, in order to avert possible outbreaks of infection.

It is precisely with the aim of quickly and effectively detecting Covid-19-positive cases, particularly asymptomatic ones, in the workplace that the new SOS Swabs in the Company service was born.

A service thanks to which it is possible to have available, on the day and time of your choice, directly at your Company, a licensed nurse to administer rapid nasal swabs to all your employees, thus guaranteeing the highest degree of safety, fully respecting the privacy of workers and ensuring business continuity, without the need to travel to external affiliated centers.

The main advantages of the service of “SOS Swabs in the Company” are:

  • Speed of action: within hours, a trained staff member will give your employees a rapid nasal swab directly in your company, nipping any spread of the virus in the bud.
  • No external risks: thanks to the “SOS Swabs in the Company” service, you will avoid having to send your employees and contractors to outside medical facilities, limiting the possibility of contaminating work environments.
  • Immediate isolation of positives: if positive, the individual will be promptly isolated in a way that minimizes the risk of contagion to other employees (and prevents the employer from incurring criminal penalties).The Rapid Nasal Swabs your employees will undergo are reliable, completely painless and return a certified result in just 15 minutes, and most importantly, they can identify any type of Covid-19 variant.

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