The PRO-Q platform: opportunities and advantages for large-scale retailers

October 27, 2021

Effectively managing procurement processes for goods and services provides countless benefits to both private companies and the various public sector entities. For this reason, more and more companies and public administrations are choosing to equip themselves with e-Procurement platforms, which, thanks to their functionality and ability to automate and simplify processes, guarantee significant organizational and economic benefits.

An e-Procurement platform is a concrete support for realities that operate in any context, but it is particularly useful in cases where the number of purchasing processes to be managed is very large, as is the case in companies operating in the large-scale retail sector. Such realities find themselves having to complete a conspicuous number of purchasing procedures on a daily basis, managing a large number of suppliers who market products of a variety of types, both branded and no-brand. Therefore, it is essential for them to have an effective tool that can simplify purchasing processes and make the supplier search and product replenishment stages more efficient. An e-Procurement platform like Venicecom’s PRO-Q is the right tool to provide them with the support they need to improve their performance.

The PRO-Q platform: all the advantages for large-scale retailers

Choosing a digitalecom platform such as Venicecom’s PRO-Q allows companies operating in the large-scale retail sector to work better, save money and gain important guarantees in terms of transparency and clarity in supply management.

PRO-Q works alongside retail companies in managing their purchasing procedures, without replacing them but supporting them to enable them to:

  • Work more effectively: the platform automates and simplifies a large number of procedures that would otherwise have to be completed using different tools (emails, forms, Excel sheets…). This can significantly reduce work time, optimize employee activity, and minimize the risk of making mistakes.
  • Simplify the work of suppliers: thanks to the platform, suppliers are put in a better position to work: in fact, the entry of bids becomes easier and faster, and the increase in transparency and the guarantee of certain timeframes for the conclusion of the entire purchasing process also guarantee them a concrete advantage.
  • Obtain better prices and purchasing conditions: the guarantees provided by using the platform simplify the activities of all parties involved and help obtain better prices and offers from suppliers.
  • Operate more transparently: the platform enables tracking of all completed procurement procedures, so it ensures maximum transparency for all parties involved and reduces the risk of litigation.
  • Avoiding delays and contingencies: the platform’s tools enable users to manage purchasing processes easily, reducing the time it takes to place orders, scheduling activities over time, and efficiently managing various replenishment timelines. In this way, one does not run the risk of finding oneself lacking certain products and then having to run for cover as quickly as possible, operating “in emergency” with all the risks that this entails.

Store renovation and maintenance: PRO-Q supports retail companies

PRO-Q not only helps large-scale retail companies simplify their goods purchasing processes, but also supports them in the efficient and organic management of another key aspect of their business: the conclusion of telematic negotiations and tenders related to works for the opening of new stores and maintenance activities of already operational stores.

These aspects are particularly significant strategically for companies, and it is therefore important to be able to manage them by counting on the support of a tool designed specifically to improve the management of related processes.

PRO-Q, in fact, simplifies the comparison of quotes sent by potential suppliers, because it requires each of them to refer to a single template-containing all the details of the metric calculation prepared and entered into PRO-Q directly by the designer-which must then be filled out obligatorily in every part. In this way, each supplier has the opportunity to propose a specific and detailed offer to the company, and the company can easily compare the different quotations, since the various offers are in all respects overlapping.

This significantly streamlines the procedure for choosing the ideal supplier, which is of great benefit to the company, especially in cases where the number of outlets to be built, renovated or maintained is large and there is a need to identify the most cost-effective bids within a tight, well-defined time frame. By availing of the platform’s support, therefore, you can avoid surprises and be assured that you can proceed quickly and without delay with the planned activities.

PRO-Q for large-scale retail: our work together with a major retail group

PRO-Q is able to concretely support the activities of large-scale retail companies, as demonstrated by the success of a large company in the sector that chose our platform to manage its purchasing processes.

In December 2017, we provided PRO-Q software to a major group that currently operates more than 1,200 stores throughout Italy. With the support of the platform, the group was able to:

  • Define and apply standard processes for negotiating with suppliers
  • Streamline its purchasing processes
  • Speed up the process of its purchasing processes.
  • Have advanced negotiation tools useful for ensuring the quality of supply
  • Obtain performance data that is functional in conducting business analysis
  • Reduce repetitive activities with low added value
  • Tracking activities in an orderly and digitized manner

Thanks to PRO-Q, the client now manages more than 3,000 suppliers, taking advantage of features that simplify supplier list management, and has reduced the average duration of each negotiation procedure to 10 days.

Since December 2017 to date, the client has been able to conclude 2,300 procurement procedures through PRO-Q, for a total amount of 7 Bn euros, and has realized an average of 400 more tenders per year, thanks to the simplification of processes guaranteed by the platform.

Performance of this kind demonstrates how PRO-Q, in part because of its extensive customization and personalization possibilities, is able to respond precisely and effectively to the needs of organizations that conduct a large number of tenders and manage articulated supplier lists, as are companies operating in the large-scale retail sector.

To learn more about PRO-Q’s features and services for retail, contact us now! Our consultants will explain the full potential of the platform and show you how it can effectively meet the needs of your organization.

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