Valle Umbra Servizi chooses PRO-Q modules

May 5, 2021

Valle Umbra Servizi, a company that provides services for the energy, water and environmental sectors, has chosen to integrate its Digital Utility Net@Suite platform from Engineering, with PRO-Q features for managing the Supplier Register and the Module for creating and managing telematic tenders. A choice born of a twofold need of the Client, which also allowed him not to revolutionize already established internal processes:

The first need was to improve the management of suppliers from the moment of their registration in the portal, keeping their documents and subdividing them by commodity category handled. In this case, the Register and Suppliers Module was deemed the best product because of its ease of use and versatility.

The second need of Valle Umbra Servizi was to optimize the entire purchasing process by selecting which suppliers to invite to a tender and constantly monitoring the progress of each negotiation. In this case as well, the choice fell on a module from the PRO-Q Suite, specifically the E-Tendering Module.

The speed and efficiency of the integration process between the Engineering Platform and the Modules of the PRO-Q Suite were possible not only due to the established partnership between the two companies but also thanks to Venicecom’s extensive experience in System Integration.