ATVO saves money: first tenders published with PRO-Q

January 23, 2018

ATVO, a Venetian company in the Local Public Transport (LPT) sector, has begun publishing its first tenders with the PRO-Q platform, achieving the first savings on purchases made.

ATVO operates in the eastern Veneto area and has an average turnover of 40-50 million euros, with about 450 employees working daily in the area and 300 vehicles employed. Since the company generates a purchasing volume of more than 10 million annually, top management chose to organize the activities of the purchasing department on the PRO-Q electronic platform.

The company was among the first TPL in Veneto to have an electronic solution for Purchasing management, and a few weeks ago the first tender was made and awarded with PRO-Q. Scope of supply: office stationery materials.

Based on the tender amount, the award amount was closed with a net savings of more than 15 percent. The second tender, which was concluded a few days ago, also involved the supply of stationery and ended with an award that saved ATVO nearly 20 percent compared to the base auction price. Using PRO-Q ensures that the Eastern Veneto Transportation Company can increase the number of tenders it manages, award supplies with complete transparency, and obtain the best price and quality of the services and products it purchases.

“We chose PRO-Q because it is easy, intuitive: I found it immediately understandable when I first saw it; then it is very customizable for the company, plus it is managed by an entity that is independent of the company itself. This is a guarantee in a sensitive area like procurement,” commented ATVO Group President Fabio Turchetto.

We also share in this post ATVO’s full video testimony, from President Fabio Turchetto a few weeks ago.