Completed our mission in Kenya

December 27, 2017

Since 2005, our Company has chosen to take an ethical path that puts people and their education at the center of its actions. For this reason, several initiatives have sprung up over the years involving both internal staff of our organization and people from outside the Company.

One of the most gratifying projects-and one that we have been involved in for more than 10 years-has been for the missionary reality of Ol Moran, in the highlands at the foot of Mount Kenya, in Mbombo Village, one of the poorest and most infrastructure-deprived in the area.

Since 2006, Venicecom has financed and followed up on site the implementation of several works and initiatives, including:

  • The construction of schools that accommodated 250 children;
  • The restoration of the village’s wind-powered water pump, inherited from English colonization;
  • The construction and burying of the aqueduct;
  • The construction of the masonry cistern for water;
  • Financial support for the neediest pupils;
  • The constructiona of classrooms for new primary and secondary schools;
  • A computer room for the Student House for young people attending secondary school in the Mission.

The sector in which we operate, Information Technology, is by definition synonymous with modernity and the search for technological tools that can help, in work and in life, to build a better future. In “first world” countries the concept of the future is certainly linked to advanced technologies and new inventions, but in other areas of the world the future is made up of very different expectations such as better health, adequate education and accessibility to basic infrastructure.

Venicecom President Pierluigi Aluisio comments, “We have certainly received more from the Mission than we have donated in terms of aid: we have rediscovered the true value of basic necessities and have come to aknow the deepest human qualities. It is thanks to this mission in Kenya that we discovered a Kiswahili proverb that we immediately made our own and that has become Venicecom’s motto: Twende na haraka haina baraka, twende pole pole…tutafika which translated means If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, let’s go together.”a

After many years of commitment in support of Ol Moran and thanks to the on-site intervention of the staff working within the mission, as of this year the Mbombo community is finally autonomous in its own livelihood: the support offered from 2006 until today has allowed the local population to truly become the creators of their own future, and thus to be able to write the pages of their own future history independently.

This initiative fully reflects Venicecom’s desire to train and accompany people in their growth process, both in the business and personal spheres.