Corporate welfare: why we at Venicecom believe in it

March 22, 2019

Increasingly, we are hearing about Corporate Welfare, weighing its pros and cons, and discussing the actual validity of the proposals.

But why shouldn’t a company be interested in increasing worker well-being? Simply because corporate welfare starts with the employee himself and reflects on his family.

The goal of corporate welfare is precisely to increase household purchasing power by leveraging the goods and services offered to employees.

The areas of applicability are very broad: from the now widespread food stamps and leisure to ‘education and health care.

For many years Venicecom has been working inspired by the motto “people at the center.” So how could we not embrace Welfare initiatives?

We were among the first companies in the area to sign up for the Generali Group’s Genera Salute policy.

All our employees can count on supplemental health insurance policies that include specialist visits, maternity packages and dental care-even at their own dentist of choice.

However, we are not only talking about health coverage. Reimbursements are also guaranteed for expenses for textbooks, study and training courses, daycare, gymnasium and more.

Often the idea of Corporate Welfare is associated with large and structured companies, as a company we think it is essential to give guarantees to our employees, regardless of the size of the reality in which we work, precisely to foster a collaborative environment based on trust and mutual respect.