Digital solidarity for ANCI-Veneto: free PRO-Q portal for member municipalities

April 9, 2020

Signed the agreement between Anci-Veneto and the Venetian company Venicecom Srl for the provision of PRO-Q e-Procurement platform and services, in Digital Solidarity mode free of charge, as part of the initiative promoted by the MID Ministry of Innovation and Digitization andAgID Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale, in support of Public Administrations in difficulty due to Coronavirus.

Venicecom, a Venetian company specializing in the areas of e-Procurement and work safety management platforms, as well as Smart Working and e-learning solutions, has, in fact, made the PRO-Q platform available free of charge to ANCI Veneto Member Municipalities, enabling Public Contracting Stations in the Veneto region to deal with urgent procurement needs for goods, services and works, in a completely telematic and secure way and in Smart Working mode.

“We provided,” explains Pierluigi Aluisio, president of Venicecom srl “to Anci-Veneto, then to the entire network of municipalities in the area, the opportunity to activate the PRO-Q platform, integrated ANAC and AgID-qualified to manage supplier lists and all telematic bidding procedures for SmartWorking purchases of goods, services and works in full compliance with current regulations on Public Procurement. In addition, it will be possible for all municipalities to use the SOS Tenders and Contracts service remotely and free of charge. for Coronavirus, for the conduct of a first national and international urgent tender for the acquisition of Personal Protective and Safety Equipment, Sanitation Services and Health Surveillance with the support and coaching of Public eProcurement specialists (including on any other public or proprietary e-Procurement platform already used).”

After the appreciation of Unioncamere President Mario Pozza, who called the initiative “an important action in favor of businesses and public administrations to try to give concrete and operational support in an extremely complex and articulated area such as that of tenders,” here then comes the first real agreement with one of the nerve centers of public administration, namely the network of municipalities.

“I am extremely pleased that Venicecom is contributing, at this particularly difficult time from both a health and economic point of view, to a project that benefits public administrations and, indirectly, the entire community. It is an initiative that aims to help the network of municipalities not to interrupt services and to give immediate and concrete answers. Our platform, considered the most user-friendly in the market, in addition to having a very simple and intuitive interface, will contribute to the speeding up of bureaucratic systems with the aim of making procurement procedures easier and faster.”

At this address you can visit the web page dedicated to the Digital Solidarity project for ANCI: