Do you really know how much you spend? Here’s how an e-Procurement platform helps you save money

July 14, 2021

Keeping the cost of purchasing under control is a fundamental need for any company, as is being able to rely on efficient internal processes that allow all employees to work at their best while avoiding errors and wasted time due to the need to manually perform tasks that could be handled in an automated manner.

An e-Procurement platform such as Venicecom’s PRO-Q, which allows you to manage all of your company’s purchasing procedures in a transparent and optimized manner, helps you achieve the dual result of containing expenses and improving the efficiency of your internal processes by providing concrete support to the operations of your Purchasing Department. Here’s why:

  • An e-Procurement platform allows you to keep costs under control: thanks to the platform, your purchases are managed rationally and you can know at all times how much you are spending on each individual tender. This allows you not only to get, in the immediate term, the best possible price, but also to have an accurate sense of the expenses your company is incurring, limiting uncertain situations and unforeseen contingencies.
  • Performing medium- to long-term analysis becomes easier: thanks to the platform you have the ability to keep track of all completed purchasing processes, and to use the data thus obtained both to analyze the expenditures made and to strategically plan future expenditures. This tool, therefore, allows you to easily make assessments that would otherwise require a significant investment of time to find and study data, enabling you to better develop your buying strategies.
  • Reduce process costs and help your Procurement Department work better: to keep procurement-related costs under control, it is not enough to obtain competitive prices from suppliers; you must also optimize your internal processes, since a purchasing cycle is an extremely complex process: creating the purchase requisition, identifying suppliers, evaluating the bids received, completing the negotiation and, finally, managing the payment for the goods or services purchased are all steps that cannot be eliminated, but must be optimized to enable your company to reduce costs related to personnel, inventory management, the completion of all administrative paperwork and so on. It should also be emphasized that this way of proceeding not only provides benefits to you but also to your suppliers, since the negotiation is completed transparently and the management of all related communications and payments is done in an automated way and without contingencies.This makes it easier for a relationship of mutual satisfaction and trust to be created, from which everyone benefits.
  • Time is money, and an e-Procurement platform helps you save it.When we talk about process optimization, we are not only referring to the implementation of an efficient purchasing cycle, but also to the ability to keep track of the timelines for receiving supplies. It is a proven fact that managing purchases through a software platform allows you to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete each individual order, and this allows you not only to optimize the activity of your staff, but also to improve the efficiency of your warehouse and to be sure that you always have the supplies you need on time, avoiding delays and unforeseen events that also have an obvious economic impact. What’s more, another essential element should not be overlooked: an e-Procurement platform allows your employees, should the need arise, to continue operating without any difficulty even remotely, since the platform remains accessible at all times and does not require the employee’s physical presence in the company. This, too, is a significant advantage in terms of efficiency and time savings, since it makes it possible to cope even with any exceptional or unforeseen situations while having the certainty of not being left without essential supplies.
  • The more tenders you organize, the more you save: finally, an e-Procurement platform allows you to set up processes that, once organized, can be managed in an automated way, so it becomes increasingly profitable as the number of purchases made increases. Using the platform even for the management of a single tender is still a convenient choice, because it allows you to get the best possible price and make your Purchasing Department work efficiently, but the higher the number of tenders that are created, the greater the benefit in terms of lowering costs and improving the performance and know-how of your employees.

Do you want to keep your company’s costs under control and improve the operations of your Purchasing Department? Venicecom’s PRO-Q is the tool for you! Download our checklist, evaluate the efficiency of your purchasing processes, and contact us-we will be happy to show you the full potential of the platform.

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