Managing purchases without contingencies: all the benefits of consulting

June 30, 2021

Procurement management by Public Administrations is an articulated and complex process, which requires finding a balance between unavoidable compliance with regulations, a focus on dematerialization and digitization of processes and documents, and procurement efficiency and optimization, to enable the Contracting Authority to better manage its time and resources.

For this reason, relying on companies and professionals that offer specialized consulting services, such as PRO-Q, may prove to be the ideal solution for Public Administrations that want to manage public procurement with greater transparency, simplicity, speed and security. Let’s see why.

Procurement management consulting: what it is and what benefits it provides

The consulting service aimed at Public Administrations allows the Purchasing Offices involved in the processes of acquisition of goods, services and works to be accompanied in all phases of tenders, counting on the support of specialized personnel able to provide:

  • Legal advice: this aspect of the consultancy focuses particularly on the stages of drafting the call for tenders and specifications and the subsequent negotiation stages, and allows the Entity to be certain that it is fulfilling all transparency obligations and operating at all times in full compliance with the regulations. The Contracting Authority is also supported in all the fulfillments required by the Public Procurement Code (control of documents, publication of notices in the appropriate venues, transmission of data to the control bodies, etc.), and can count on the expertise of specialized and always up-to-date consultants
  • Technology-operational consulting: the Purchasing Department is supported in the concrete management of telematic bidding tools along all the different stages of the procurement process, from the drafting of the tender documents to the conclusion of the contract and its execution

A consulting service designed in this way thus enables public administrations to:

  • Operate correctly and with full transparency, shielding themselves from possible errors, defaults, or litigation
  • Take advantage of the expertise of specialized personnel who are up-to-date on all regulatory developments
  • Optimize the activities of the Purchasing Department, which is enabled to work more effectively
  • Train their internal staff who, after using the counseling service, can be empowered to operate independently in the future
  • Use evolved e-procurement tools that provide significant guarantees in terms of inviolability and secrecy of purchase bids, traceability of tender operations, regulatory compliance, observance of the rotation principle, and so on.

PRO-Q consulting services

Specialized solutions such as Venicecom’s PRO-Q provide Public Administrations with various consulting services calibrated to their needs and designed to empower them to operate as efficiently as possible. The possibilities are many, allowing each institution to take advantage of the type of counseling best suited to its needs:

  • Single tender preparation service: this consulting service is designed for clients who need to receive support in managing a single tender. Our consultants support the Purchasing Department in the preparation and management phases of the bidding process, ensuring that everything is concluded in a way that complies with regulations and on time. This service, designed to provide immediate assistance in the management of a specific file, also allows customers to test the use of a digital procurement platform such as PRO-Q, taking advantage of all the guarantees provided by using a digital tool
  • External support and training: this service allows Contracting Stations to take advantage of real customized advice that can support them in the management of the different phases of the tender process (preparation of documents and call for tenders, publication of the tender and related fulfillments, carrying out of preparatory controls, contracting, award procedure, and so on). The service is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the Purchasing Department and the particular issues it faces in its daily operations
  • Vendor Verification Service: consulting can also translate into managing, on behalf of clients, activities such as verifying the requirements on the successful bidder and those individuals of the successful bidder who have powers of attorney. This fulfillment-provided for in Art. 80 of the Public Contracts Code-requires a significant amount of time, and can place a very heavy burden on the work of the Purchasing Department, especially in cases where there are many tenders to be handled and tight deadlines. For this reason, our team of consultants has developed the Art. 80 Verifications Service, which allows clients to delegate this time-consuming practice and have control at all times over the outcomes of ongoing verification activities.

Do you think consulting can be the right tool to improve the quality of your Purchasing Department’s work? Contact us and find out how our consultants and PRO-Q platform can be the answer to your needs!

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