Kalmo’s Suite presented at SHR Italy’s Clubhouse

June 17, 2021

The eighth installment of Club House, the virtual salon organized by SHR Italy on the highly topical issues of occupational health and safety, ended with great success and participation.

Guest on the live broadcast was Pierluigi Aluisio, President and Founder of Venicecom Group, who elaborated on the importance of proper management of Occupational Safety and how dedicated software, such as Kalmo, can enable Companies not only to manage every aspect related to employee health and safety, but also to reduce their management costs, safeguarding their health and legally protecting Companies and Managers in case of inspections by the authorities in charge.

Speaking to recount his own concrete experience in using Kalmo solutions and services was Luca Scalabrin President, Chairman of ACTV, a company that manages the entire public transport, both water and land, of the Metropolitan City of Venice, a company of many complexities with over 3200 employees to its credit.

During the interview, Scalabrin told us how, thanks to Kalmo, it was possible to have information under control at all times to ensure the safety of its 3,200 employees in an easy and automated way, planning and controlling the training and health plan.

Watch the interviewand contact us to learn more!