Managing the Supplier Register through an e-procurement platform: all the benefits for buyers and suppliers

September 15, 2021

Among the advantages guaranteed by the use of an e-procurement platform, the possibility of managing one’s Supplier Register in the most practical and efficient way undoubtedly stands out, avoiding waste of time and having at all times the certainty of operating in compliance with regulations and in complete transparency.

Managing their suppliers through an e-procurement platform such as Venicecom’s PRO-Q allows public administrations and companies to rely on an optimized and always up-to-date Supplier Register, and it also allows suppliers to be able to operate in a streamlined and efficient manner, reducing their work time and simplifying the procedures they have to deal with. The benefits associated with the use of the platform, therefore, accrue to all parties involved in the purchasing process: in this way, relationships between customers and suppliers are facilitated, and conditions are created for operating with mutual satisfaction.

An up-to-date Supplier’s Register to simplify purchasing procedures

Through the PRO-Q platform, you can count on a perfectly up-to-date Supplier Register at all times. This circumstance guarantees benefits to all those who manage the procurement procedures for goods and services, whether they are private entities or public administrations.

In cases where purchases are made by Public Entities, the presence of an up-to-date Suppliers’ Register helps the contracting station by simplifying the verification activities on suppliers-often extremely time-consuming-imposed by law. In this way, the Entity is assured of being able to refer at all times to a pool of economic operators whose situation has been duly checked and verified, and can then proceed in the subsequent stages of creating the tender and defining the supply contract without encountering any surprises.

In addition, the telematics platform enables Public Entity contracting stations to acquire data that is essential for them to operate in accordance with the rotation principle, thereby complying with Art. 36 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016. This rule of law, derived from the EU and accepted by national legislation, requires that “the awarding and execution of works, services and supplies […] take place in compliance […] with the principle of rotation of invitations and awards and in such a way as to ensure the effective possibility of participation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.” Being able to count on an up-to-date Suppliers’ Register and an archive that makes it easy to trace all orders placed in the past by the Entity makes it possible to comply with this norm in the easiest way possible, avoiding wasting time and being certain of always operating in the most complete legality and transparency.

The regulations impose compliance with the rotation principle only on Public Entities, but the advantages of being able to count on a constantly updated Suppliers’ Register are also guaranteed to private users: in fact, proper management of the forms relating to one’s suppliers makes it possible to streamline procedures and simplify the phase of choosing the economic operator to be preferred, optimizing the purchasing process and reducing the time-and consequently the costs-necessary to complete it.

Effective vendor management to act with awareness and transparency

In addition, the PRO-Q platform allows users to manage their Supplier Register by creating specific summary sheets that help users keep track of all orders placed in the past and to have at all times a complete overview related to the supplier’s master data and satisfaction level for previously completed orders.

This vendor rating system is particularly effective because it allows users to enter notes related to every aspect of the order, inserting useful details to be considered in subsequent assignments, tenders or contracts: in this way, even after some time, it is possible to choose one’s suppliers rationally and transparently, taking into account a range of information that goes beyond mere economic data but also involves aspects related to overall satisfaction with the service provided.

These data, moreover, remain stored and can be used by the company or the Public Entity at any time. In this way, even in the case of staff turnover or induction of new employees, everyone is enabled to make informed and evidence-based decisions, relying on information gathered in the past.

The benefits for providers of goods and services

Being able to rely on an up-to-date Supplier Register is undoubtedly advantageous for those involved in supplier identification and tender management, but through Venicecom’s PRO-Q it is also possible to simplify the activities of those offering goods and services. The platform, in fact, allows economic operators wishing to offer themselves as suppliers to simplify the procedures for registering in the Register and streamline all the stages of modifying and updating their master data.

In this way, the advantage falls indiscriminately on both parties involved in the purchasing process: on the one hand, the supplier knows that he can offer his goods and services without going through time-consuming procedures; on the other hand, those who have to organize the tender or identify the ideal supplier are put in a position to act with real awareness and transparency, having the certainty that the data entered into the computer system are always up-to-date and verified.

A dual benefit, in short, resulting in more streamlined ways of working and a higher level of satisfaction and efficiency for all involved.

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