Monitoring the Supply Chain: an example of excellence

June 3, 2019

Controlling and monitoring the supply chain of subcontractors is not always easy, but it is certainly critical to improving the performance and efficiency of corporate logistics activities.

Improving Supplier Management is possible if you combine the efficiency of logistics performance with real-time verification of raw material consumption.

This is the path taken by one of our Clients, Marcolin S.p.A., which makes and distributes sunglasses and eyeglasses for major designers. Working with big brands means ensuring quality products and making sure that only brand-certified raw materials are used.

For this reason, Marcolin needed to check the actual consumption of certified raw materials in real time and compare it with the quantities of glasses produced. From this need was born Marvels, our Supply Chain Monitoring and Control System.

Marvels is the purpose-built solution that enables the Client to have a single dashboard of key production and consumption control metrics in line with the expected brand standard.

But what are the main advantages of this type of software production? Here they are:

  • High brand quality standards
  • retention of suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • instant calculation of return on investment
  • savings in operating and process costs
  • certainty of compliance with the requirements for subcontractors according to the agreements made.

The use of Marvels constributes to the realization of a quality product with all the objective elements of analysis to evaluate subcontractors according to their compliance with stipulated agreements.

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