Myship and Mytrain: Viglienzone’s logistics revolution.

August 10, 2018

Viglienzone Adriatica’s technological renewal comes through Myship and Mytrain software, developed by Venicecom to improve tracking on the goods the company transports around the world. Discussing this is the online news outlet in a recent article.

Viglienzone Adriatica is a company that has been in the international freight forwarding business for more than ninety years, focusing on freight transportation by rail and ship. The company commissioned us in 2017 to digitize and completely reorganize their goods tracking system; in particular, they wanted to improve operational support in trip planning and offer their customers additional and innovative goods tracking services.

The article “Venicecom, tailor-made software even in logistics” recounts the birth and development of this project, which has given us great satisfaction, confirming and exceeding the expectations of the Client, who in fact also agreed to tell firsthand about his experience with the Myship and Mytrain platforms.

As for rail and sea freight management, the platforms have improved the work from an operational point of view because:

  • They intercept all routes of both Italian and foreign freight ships and locomotive trains, managing to optimize each shipment
  • They allow load handlers to communicate with colleagues who are at loading stations and send them real-time news about the status of the shipment and/or goods or any train delays so that the shipment track is always up-to-date. Multi-lingual system allows the language barrier to be overcome
  • They allow Viglienzone to give its Customers a dashboard for tracking their shipments
  • For more information about Myship or Mytrain or to request a consultation specific to your needs, write to us at or call us +390412525811