The 3 characteristics you need to look for in an outstanding ITSM

April 5, 2019

Among the features that define the best IT Service Management software we can certainly find the wide range of functionality and integration with other systems.

But between being the best and representing excellence there is a big difference.

Let us proceed in order. Very briefly we could say that ITSM is to business as a conductor is to his musicians. This is because it quickly coordinates and establishes roles and responsibilities, increases productivity, anticipates problems and handles recurring issues, and, to top it off, meets the expectations of end users.

A key climax for all IT services companies-no one excluded.

So what are the factors you need to look for to see if an ITSM is undisputed excellence?

Certainly there must be purely technical expertise: among other capabilities, the solution must include project management, change management, IT incident management, configuration management, IT service support analytics and reporting, and IT user self-service. But by themselves they are not enough.

Here’s your list of the 3 characteristics that really make a difference.

  • Service quality and Customer relationship: constant dialogue ensures ITSM’s service can provide the answers your business needs, not only at the time of contract signing, but also in pre- and post-sales;
  • Aim for project evolution to speed up and simplify IT management of all your business processes and identify and monitor key performance indicators-KPIs;
  • experience and expertise: you need to be able to rely on consultants who specialize in different proprietary technologies for installation and configuration, custom component development, and integration to other systems.

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