Kalmo for AVM: employee management is getting easier

April 17, 2019

AVM SpA,a local public transport company in the Venetian region, useskalmo to plan and control the training and health plan for its more than 3,200 employees.

Managing training, legal obligations and related deadlines is critical for all companies, especially in the transportation world.

Therefore, the AVM -Azienda Veneziana della Mobilità- needed software that would enable HR managers to plan and control training and mandatory medical examinations of employees.

The AVM group was looking for a solution to replace various Excel files that could automate personnel management processes.

How did they achieve this? Thanks to the Skill Planner and Health Surveillance modules of the kalmo suite enterprise security software developed by Venicecom.

Through software customization and all-implementation, AVM can now:

  • Plan training interventions for all employees;
  • Manage course invitations and attendance, attendance, records, and training resumes of employees;
  • Monitor refresher course deadlines to schedule subsequent attendance;
  • Scheduling medical examinations of all employees and also managing them with the unannounced calling of toxicological examinations.

In a recent interview Luca Scalabrin, president of ACTV, an AVM group company, ha raccontato l’esperienza con kalmo in personnel management:

“We have all the information for every employee available at all times. We can know what training courses need to be done, we can print diplomas, we can even move them by job description. So if we have to do shifts with workers doing a different activity we know whether or not they can do that task, with incredible ease of use.”

AVM’s contribution to the project was critical to the development of the customized software solution. This was a collaboration between Client and vendor that brought together the expertise of each party to produce a solution that meets 100% of the group’s needs.

For further information contact us at info@kalmo.it or at 0412525811.