Union of Municipalities Lands And Rivers chooses PRO-Q

April 9, 2021

The Unione dei Comuni Terre e Fiumi, an Emiliano Public Territorial Body of which the municipalities of Berra, Copparo, Formignana, Ro and Tresigallo in the province of Ferrara are part, whose main function is to manage local police, information systems, local public services and inter-municipal urban planning systems, has chosen to make use of the Support and Training Services provided by our Specialists PRO-Q, the Venicecom-branded e-Procurement software that enables Companies, PAs and Utilities to easily and transparently manage purchases and suppliers and call for tenders.

Through Specialist Support one of our Consultants will work alongside the Union of Municipalities Lands and Rivers team to guide it through the complete process of calling a new Tender, from the drafting of the tender documents to the conclusion of the contract and its execution.

In addition, to enable continuous updating of internal resources on the latest procedures and regulations related to eProcurement and the world of procurement, a system of flexible and On Demand consumable consulting hour packages was developed to effectively and timely respond to internal regulatory training needs.