With MAWI we act together to digitally control the spread of COVID-19

March 27, 2020

Another source of pride for Venicecom, in the forefront of coping with and digitally controlling the Coronavirusemergency.

Venicecom Group, through its System Integration, Application Support and Technical Service Desk expertise, announces the international distribution of MAWI, the innovative Predictive Analytics platform capable of collecting and analyzing data from Smart Wearables, worn by COVID-19 patients.

MAWI is a software platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning technologies to improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities by enabling remote monitoring of less severe Coronavirus patients using Smart Wearables that can monitor body temperature, heart rate variability (HRV) and many other vital signs, changes in which determine the patient’s physiological condition.

But not only that, thanks to the predictive components also we will be able, by analyzing changes in vital signs, to detect the disease early, but also and especially by monitoring large amounts of data on the clinical status, geographical location of patients and their movements, to predict its progress and development.

COVID-19 spreads very rapidly.

Let’s act together to control it digitally faster!

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