#ventivolteVenicecom: our Twentieth Anniversary

July 16, 2018

On June 16, we celebrated the 20th anniversary since our founding, together with our employees and long-time collaborators who arrived from the various offices in Italy and abroad.

But what is the balance of the event exactly one month after the celebration?

We wanted to organize a day that was not only a testimony and celebration of the successes and achievements of these 20 years, but above all a time for discussion and reflection on the course to be taken for the near future and an opportunity for team building for all employees and collaborators working in the various Italian offices and foreign joint ventures. In fact, although some people are now long-standing members of our group, several are more recent additions especially in the Italian locations of Venice, Mogliano Veneto (TV), Rome, Bari and Milan.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, we could only choose a location that recalled the metaphor of navigation, adopted over the years as a symbol of our corporate route: the galleon Jolly Roger took us for the entire morning to discover the beauty of the Venetian lagoon, while thanks to a maxi screen the Venicecom crew retraced the most significant projects carried out in these first two decades.

Very entertaining, and at times touching, were the awards ceremonies for the longest-serving employees, to whom we dedicated personalized videos, made by editing their historical or unpublished photos; also in the morning we also awarded the winners of the “Idea Fika” contest, a company contest launched in the spring, in which we asked each employee to come up with an idea that could help the company improve its performance, in any area.

Navigation then stopped for everyone to disembark on the island of Torcello, where we had lunch and a guided tour of the nearby Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. The afternoon flew by thanks to the treasure hunt activity organized on the island of Burano where the participants, divided into mixed teams from the point of view of work locations, measured their skills in logic, general culture, speed, teamwork, thanks to a series of tests scattered around the island, until they got to discover the treasure’s hiding place and fight to conquer it.

It was exciting for everyone to see how in just a few hours the bond was strengthened among people, some of whom-as mentioned earlier-were meeting for the first time at the Venicecom 20th Anniversary. It is no coincidence that the company motto, remembered and repeated together several times on June 16, is an African proverb, the translation of which is “If you want to go fast go alone, if we want to go far let’s go together.”

In this regard, President Pierluigi Aluisio commented, “Being a multinational company means working together, having a common vision, but not always getting to know each other personally and spending time together with all the other colleagues. Today, however, we are here to remind each of us how much the whole ‘crew’ matters.”

In the evening, sailing was then resumed to the open sea, while on board it was time for the ‘aperitif with dip in the sea and dinner with deejay set, under the banner of fluorescent and extravagant looks.

The event received national media coverage: TV and newspapers covered this milestone so important to the company. Below we collect some of the most significant content that has appeared online: